American Cooking: The Northwest (Time Life “Foods of the World”) — Dale Brown et al.

Since they are books and I am reading them, the Time Life series will get recorded here, though all my thoughts on content will end up at the as-yet unnamed blog. General thoughts, and likely this will be the case with all of these books, is that they are definitely a product of their time in how they talk about food, gender roles, and some of the attitudes towards native cultures. None of it shocking. I’m definitely going to get a lot of interesting ideas to keep be going through all of the books—and they are going to serve their purpose as a framework for content well.

First task as a result of this one on the Northwest? I think I need to find myself a local mushroom forager to tag along with one day (Likely this will mean getting in touch with some people from the Puget Sound Mycological Society at the UW).

Finally, a blog idea I’m kind of excited about.

My parents are in this amusing, yet strange, mode at the moment where they’ve decided to move into a smaller house (two people do not need four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a three car garage). Along with that they’ve started getting rid of “stuff”. Back in September when I was at their place for a weekend she tried to foist off on me her Time Life “Foods of the World” series that was published in the late 60s/early 70s. At the time I went, “These would make for a great version of one of those crazy cooking blogs!” (a la Cooking the French Laundry or the inspiration for Julie/Julia). I then promptly went, “Who has the time for that?” Continue reading