The trouble with having a design brain.

With Rand Paul’s increasing profile in national politics I keep getting confused.

You see, one of the more well-known graphic designers in the 20th century was a gentleman named Paul Rand. So not only is it confusing to me that Paul Rand is a crazy Libertarian, but he’s also, y’know, dead.

Then I blink, realize it’s Rand Paul the article is referencing and life goes on.

We’re trying to fit a bowling ball in a marble bag.

Every few months we get a proposal to lay out that is seemingly impossible. A dozen or so teaming partners, exhausive information requested by the client. And oh, by the way, could you not make the text smaller than 11 point and fit it all in under 30 pages?

This is one of those proposals, and I almost have to turn off part of my design brain to be able to work on the document. There is no elegant solution for doing this well, especially when the question upon review by the architects will always be, “Can we fit more pictures in here?”