Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

My current distraction is planning for this year’s big trip. Originally it was going to be Peru with Suezie but due to things out of our control, it was not to be. So Peru is on the back burner until life stops getting in the way of plans.

Having loved last year’s trip on the Empire Builder train, this year I’m going to go cross country. To add more excitement, along the way I’m going to try and ride as many roller coasters as I can justify. Currently the plan is:

1. Fly down to San Francisco mid-August and make a jaunt to Great America (my favorite Vekoma Intvertigo is no longer there, but I’ll survive)

2. Grab the California Zephyr train from Richmond and head to Salt Lake City, stop for a day to ride the hell out of everything at Lagoon Park (and possible dinner or similar with my art director).

3. Take the CZ train to Chicago (originally there was going to be a stop in Denver, but their park is closed during the week starting in mid-August) and ride the hell out of everything at Six Flags Great America.

4. A short ride on the Capitol Limited train to Sandusky, Ohio: home of Cedar Point. For the roller coaster enthusiasts, need I say more?

5. After a full day of zooming around there, take the Lake Shore Limited train to New York, where I’ll likely hit up Luna Park and Six Flags Great Adventure.

6. Fly home.

All of that will take a little over two weeks, as I’m building in time in both SF and NYC to do/see other things… and of course eat delicious food. The amusing thing with all of this planning is that more than any other trip I actually have to figure out a lot of fussy logistics for when I’m getting on and off the train, lodging for when I’m not sleeping overnight on the train journeys, and how to get to/from the various theme parks without renting a car. But if you know me, you know that I’m finding that to be far more fun than a normal sane person would.