Watermind — M.M. Buckner

I tried to describe the plot of this to Elaine last night and she laughed at the sheer silliness of it all. In short: sophisticated microchips that began life as part of a Canadian weather monitoring experiment form an artificial intelligence after spending quality time in a Louisiana swamp with a lot of random industrial and hazardous waste. Discovered by a rebellious former chemistry student from MIT (who is running away from her previous life following the death of her father) who was working cleanup in the swamp with her musician boyfriend, hijinks ensue after the so-called “watermind” accidentally (or intentionally, we never really know) kills another cleanup worker.

The rest of the book follows the fight to alternatively contain, study or destroy the entity. Most of the things the characters do make very little sense, or are completely trite, and frankly it all wasn’t much of a “thriller” as advertised in its blurbs and flap copy. Le sigh.