Finally, a blog idea I’m kind of excited about.

My parents are in this amusing, yet strange, mode at the moment where they’ve decided to move into a smaller house (two people do not need four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a three car garage). Along with that they’ve started getting rid of “stuff”. Back in September when I was at their place for a weekend she tried to foist off on me her Time Life “Foods of the World” series that was published in the late 60s/early 70s. At the time I went, “These would make for a great version of one of those crazy cooking blogs!” (a la Cooking the French Laundry or the inspiration for Julie/Julia). I then promptly went, “Who has the time for that?”

But I’ve thought about it again here and there, and in putting together a recipe book for my family this year (compiling the recipe cards of my paternal grandmother), I ended up looking through her old cookbooks, some of which I shared with Suezie this last weekend. When I mentioned the “Foods of the World” books to her her reaction was, “You should create a blog!” I demurred again, but have continued to think about it more.

And so yesterday I emailed my mother and said, “I’m taking the books.”

The idea being that I will scan in some of the travel pictures, muse about my experiences with those countries as compared to the travel writing from 40 years ago (if I have visited and perhaps interrogate friends/recruit guest bloggers who have visited such places when I haven’t). And then taking one book a month (for the next 27 months), cook a few recipes and take pictures of the results. This won’t be a how-to blog really, and will likely focus on baked goods, but what else did you expect?

This is taking on a huge project, but I’ve been searching for my next big personal project. And this one incorporates both food and travel, you can see why I’ve kept thinking about this all fall!