Creatures of Habit

Photos of Java from March
Originally uploaded by graphxgrrl.

I am always amused by just how much a creature of habit Java really is. He wants his food refreshed at 7:30 am and around 11:00 pm, even if he’s not interested in eating at those times. As a result he will pester me incessantly and noisily if I don’t add food to his dishes then. He also wants to eat with people, so will follow me into rooms where I am if it’s also where food is, or will pester me to go with him to the bathroom (where one of his dishes is) when he’s hungry.

But it also comes out in the course of normal days, when I was home early from work last Monday he was terribly confused and kind of sulked a bit–as if I had interrupted his busy napping, grooming and racing around like a crazy creature schedule.

Yesterday, Suezie and Cherie popped by briefly to get something from my apartment in the middle of the day and he was startled enough by the experience that he hid. Nevermind that he knows both of them quite well and is usually his normal slutty self when they come over.