Overqualified —Joey Comeau

This was not entirely what I expected, but I’m not sure how a marketing department might do jacket copy on this collection that would entirely convey what Comeau is doing without losing something in the process.

This is, ostensibly, a collection of failed cover letters. The cover letters that tell the truths we never say when looking for jobs, being up front about those unfortunate things you hide every day at the office rather that the bland and trite things we usually end up putting into cover letters. Having spent the summer helping interview my new coworkers and talking with unemployed friends about the frustrations of job hunting in our current market I though this would be an amusing read.

What it’s hard to glean from the back cover copy is that the letters are the framework of a underlying story of a man dealing with grief over the accident experienced by a sibling, and a struggle with related depression and anger. There’s definitely humor here, but it’s dark. I read a review of this after finishing it that compared Comeau to David Eggers, and I can see that—so if you’re an Eggers fan, you just might enjoy Overqualified.