Hijinks with UPS

This morning’s timeline. These are the woes of our attempts to get four copies of a proposal to a large technology company in the Bay Area, which I can’t actually name due to an NDA I’ve signed.

6:23 am: Arrive at the office.

6:44 am: Check status of UPS package marked for early morning delivery, email team in San Francisco to let them know that it’s on a truck and should arrive on time.

7:23 am: UPS attempts to delivery package, no one is yet at the office.

8:07 am: I email the team again to let them know the package status, they confirm that UPS driver left a note to try again.

9:55 am: UPS attempts to deliver again. Note in the status that the business is closed. I’m confused, since I’ve exchanged emails with two people in the office already this morning. I attempt to call the San Francisco office.

10:00 am: Thank god I have our San Francisco intern’s cell number, as we determine that our real problem today is that the office phone system is down—which means the building intercom doesn’t work properly either.

10:19 am: I try and get a real person at UPS to talk to me and also be helpful. Giving up, I start coordinating with the San Francisco branch of our reprographics house to reprint our materials so the proposals can be hand delivered in Mountain View on time.

10:42 am: I attempt once more to get a real person at UPS to help me. They finally pass a note along for a local UPS dispatcher to call me to arrange for the driver to attempt delivery again.

10:56 am: The UPS dispatcher calls me swiftly, thank goodness. Not only that, but they give me the name and location of the UPS driver who delivers to our block of Market Street. I pass this information along to our intern and strongly suggest that he try and stalk our UPS driver, since the project is a bit odd and I’m not excited about the product we’re going to get out of the San Francisco repro team.

11:24 am: I get a phone call from our intern. Success! UPS driver stalked, package acquired. I get a hold of the San Francisco repro team just in time to catch them before they actually press print.

And all this while trying to format a large document for our design partners on a project in Kenya. It’s Mondays like these that make me dream of less stressful work.