Shades of Grey — Jasper Fforde

While not a huge fan of the Nursery Crimes books, and grown weary of the Thursday Next books, I was was still interested to pick up Shades of Grey—as Fforde has created a post-apocalyptic dystopian society where social status is determined by one’s ability to see color. Various rules exist to keep this society in check and our protagonist is a young man who predominantly sees red and his initial discoveries of all the sinister things lurking behind those rules.

The book was in larger parts a bit of a slog, Fforde just dumps you straight in without any introduction to things—which has a bit of benefit in that I enjoyed the mental exercise of trying to sort out the structure of Cromaticia’s society, but it left me feeling very detached from the characters until the very end.

Too quirky to be a real page turner, but I still enjoyed it and am intrigued enough that I’m going to try and remember to pick up the next one when it comes out.