I left my cable, in Seattle…

The train ride down was uneventful, though a clear example of why it’s problematic that BNSF gets priority for freight on the rail lines—we were stopped about three times and were close to 45 minutes behind schedule. Amtrak can’t “sell” reliable passenger rail when they have those obstacles. It didn’t help too, that the train was full from Vancouver BC (it was one of the trains that were added during the Olympic period).

Tonight I went to dinner at Beast. Originally this was going to be a post with pictures about how awesome the food was (which it so very much was). But that will have to wait until I get home, because I cleverly left my camera cable at home.

I will say though, that I will be having dreams tonight about their foie gras bon bons with sauternes gelée.

Tomorrow will involve shopping, more food, this exhibit at the Portland Art Museum and potentially meeting up with a childhood friend* for drinks or similar before seeing Jonathan Coulton.

*This is an exercise in “How small is the internet, really?” Michael and I lived on the same street as children, I have memories of playing with GI Joe action figures together. My parents have a nickname for him that I will not repeat that my father used when I mentioned to them a few years ago that I’d run into Michael online.

Anyhow, I reconnected with Michael online, because he had become acquainted with Alison, whom I had met through Max (who lives in Canada incidentally), who I had known online because he was friends online with Rachel (my friend and former roommate) who I had met through Sierra, because when I first moved to Sacramento I met online and briefly dated an ex of hers.

This led me to firmly believe that somehow, everyone on the internet really does know everyone else, they just don’t realize it yet.