Eeeee Eee Eeee — Tao Lin

I honestly have no idea how to describe this book.

In the simplest terms, the protagonist is a recent college graduate living back at home in Florida and working for Dominos. He spends a majority of the book obsessing over his ex-girlfriend, discussing going on killing sprees with his friend Steve and having surreal encounters with bears, dolphins and various celebrities (many of whom are killed by the previously mentioned bears and/or dolphins).

Ultimately, for me, I could related to the stream of consciousness over-analyzing of everything wrong in the protagonists life. It’s something I spend far too much of my own life doing, and the structure of this book often felt like the mental tangents I go off on when stuck in an obsessive spiral.

Considering the fact that books with “clever” language and lacking in plot generally annoy me, I found it interesting that I really enjoyed this. I suspect because it’s not genre fiction I approached it differently.