Sometimes, even the Luddites are clever.

I read Crosscut fairly regularly, because as a Seattle news and policy oriented blog they tend to skew more conservative than I do (or at least more reactionary). In this case in particular, everything I read from Knute Berger usually makes me roll my eyes. But if I learned anything from reading The Big Sort last year, it’s that I definitely need to continue trying to expose myself to differing points of view–if nothing else so I can argue my points more effectively.(Something brought close to home over Christmas when arguing with my brother about transit development on the Eastside.)

All this rambling is here to introduce a clever line from a recent Crosscut blog post about the predicted demise of books and publishing–which I felt was too good to not pass along, and yet too long for Twitter. Alas. So here we are.

I once asked a senior archivist at the Library of Congress what the best medium was for storing information long term. His reply: “terra cotta.”