Because I was talking about it over on Twitter.

The second my last vacation is done is the moment I start planning the next one. I love travel, I love getting out of my day to day routine and being Somewhere Else, and I simply can’t help myself.

My big trip for 2010 is going to be two weeks in New York and New England, tentatively scheduled around my birthday in October. I’m figuring on a week in New York, a long weekend visiting and and then possibly taking the train up to Montreal before circling back around again. Amtrak has a line that runs from New York to Montreal that could happily be split in two with an evening in Albany–it apparently includes some kind of docent from the National Park Service talking about the Adirondaks. I also want to give Context Travel a try, as I didn’t get to go on one of their docent walking tours of Paris this year.

But that’s all the way in the fall, and while it gives me lots of time to plot food and similar, I’m not escaping enough in the meantime. So I’m looking at long weekends in San Francisco and Vancouver to tie in with their yearly restaurant events. I’d like to do Portland in there as well–I’m currently looking at maybe February for that, though is there some kind of Portland event like our “Dine Around Seattle”, Vancouver’s “Dine Out”, or San Francisco’s “Dine About Town” where local restaurants all do set menus for a couple of weeks?