The Carbon Age: How Life’s Core Element Has Become Civilization’s Greatest Threat — Eric Roston

What a dramatic title, yes? Sadly, it never really builds to that point. This was largely a history of carbon on the planet followed by a rushed discussion of “the future” at the end. For as “serious” a title as was chosen, Roston really didn’t follow through with a terribly solid opinion.

Still, interesting, though for me nothing new in terms of discussing the changes we’ve made to the balance of carbon on the planet. For good or bad it’s changing. I’m not a terribly good environmentalist, because I’m perfectly willing to note that the earth is going to keep spinning ’round without us—we’re just making it less hospitable for our variety of mammal, something else will come along, just as it always has. How arrogant we are.

It was also interesting to see Charlie Stross posting this in his blog just as I finished this book.