Maybe I’m the wrong person to ask…

Tonight I stopped by Gert’s BBQ at 15th and Pine. I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile, but whether it was a late night trip home, or staggering home drunk from bar hopping with friends, I never seemed to make it when they were there. So I was happy tonight to find their truck parked and nearly ready to go when I passed by on the bus a bit after six. I had been pondering what I was motivated enough to cook for dinner after a typically crazy day at the office, and so the timing was perfect.

I’ve made it a bit of a mission to try all the new “gourmet” food trucks out there. While I love a good traditional taco or falafel truck, I love that we’re seeing Skillet being so successful, and that we can get more interesting food for a smaller price in this economic climate that becomes so challenging for a foodie wanting something quick and affordable. Next to try will be the intriguing Tako Truk.

I should say, at this point, that I’m pretty much BBQ agnostic. BBQ isn’t really part of the “food culture” in Oregon, and certainly not in the strange amalgam of Dutch, Irish, and Scottish food influences in my parents cooking. Hell, the only food quirk I have that can be blamed anywhere is my affection for nutmeg in unusual applications—for which you can thank the Netherlands, FYI. I’m also not a tomato person, I don’t have any real affection for ketchup or things that remind me of ketchup, and while lots of people might disagree with me, most BBQ sauce fits into this category for me. It’s why I like mustard based sauces and dry rubs—and if I can be accused of anything, it’s under-seasoning my BBQ when I make ribs etc. Also, green bean ambivalent.

So it could surprise some people that I went for the Rib + Green Bean Casserole + Potato Salad dinner. And at $12 I was underwhelmed. The potato salad was good, but not memorable, I prefer the Rosanne Cash recipe I was introduced to by Smitten Kitchen. While I think this might be my favorite way to eat thoroughly cooked green beans (creamy and spicy!) that isn’t saying a whole lot really. And the ribs, well, it was more of a dry style rib, but was cooked all to hell and lost the inherent tender and juicy quality of a nice piece of meat.

Would I eat there again? Sure. Would I go out of my way like I occasionally do for Marination Mobile or Maximus / Minimus? Probably not. But do give them a try and decide for yourself, I just can’t give it the same kind of glowing reviews I’ve seen elsewhere.