Sugar vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup

In their Room for Debate blog, the New York Times recently had a number of well-known food bloggers “debunk” the food myths they found most annoying. They led the article by touching on the recent vilification in commercial food of HFCS, and that it’s acceptable in moderation just like sugar. No really.

Now, I’m no nutritionist or food scientist. It feels right to me that HFCS is best avoided, but not necessarily for any reasons on the direct health side. There’s science going both ways and I’m not well-educated enough on the subject to provide a good argument on that angle. What has happened since the introduction of HFCS into our food supply has been an explosion of high calorie / low nutrition processed convenience foods.

That’s the problem with HFCS.

It’s entirely possible that it’s fine in moderation, just like sugar. The trouble is that it has led to a proliferation of cheap calories we don’t need. The relatively lower cost of production for HFCS vs. sugar has meant that lots of (as the new brainwashed Cookie Monster would say) “sometimes foods” are now affordable everyday foods.