The sun’ll come out tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow!

Musée Rodin — Call to Arms
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It’s meant to be mostly sunny the rest of the week, which means it’s time to get myself in gear–too much to see in too little time! Today is going to be macaron day, twelve chocolateries and patisseries all over the city are waiting to be explored (along with some cookware shops and baking supply shops).

Tomorrow or Friday I’ll need to do my day trip out of the city—still debating Chartre vs. Roen for a variety of reasons for each. Musée d’Orsay (which I didn’t make it to yesterday before closing) is open late on Thursdays, so that will likely be my day trip day. Leaving Friday for Versailles and a late night at the Louvre. Somewhere in there I need to do laundry and pack myself back up for moving on to London Saturday morning.

Yesterday it was rainy off and on, so I was pretty whiny, I ended up going grocery shopping in the morning (and finding a microwave meal from Joel Robuchon, which amused me enough to buy it) and learned that they don’t really teach you in high school french to say, “I’m sorry, I dropped this breakable item in your grocery store.” Lunch was at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon after sulking in my flat all morning, it was lovely and my photos are here.

The sun came out after lunch, so I made my way to the Musée Rodin for a few hours. I first studied Rodin when I was in AP French years ago and we were writing formal papers on painters and sculptors on a regular basis. I’ve loved his work ever since for its fantastic expressiveness.

Then it was home again for an evening of photo processing and reading. Due to Purim, I nearly got my toes singed by teenagers with firecrackers along rue due Rosiers. Such is the price for tasty baguette and tarte aux framboises?

Hope you’re all doing well, I miss my snuggly cats at night, but am having a lovely break from the real world nonetheless.