The first few days aren’t so exciting.

Saveurs de Pains
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You really spend your first few days trying to work your way out of jetlag. And I break all the rules for doing that sensibly by taking naps in the afternoons if I feel so inclined.

My flight here was mildly amusing–I ended up on a plane with a group of graduate students in architecture from Washington State University, who wanted to interrogate me about Mithun once they found out where I worked. The guy sitting next to me, in particular, was keen to ask me about our Novelty Hill Januik winery project, which I really only know the “marketing” talk about. I did promise to get him in touch with the designer who could help him more though. We’ll see if he follows through.

Saturday was spent getting settled into the flat and doing some minor wandering around in the Marais, I took a nap in the afternoon so that I would be able to stay up for the Sisters of Mercy / iLiKETRAiNS gig that nigh–but I only made it through part of it and completely forgot my camera.

Sunday morning I wandered around the Marais a bit more (and ran into the Paris Semi-Marathon) before meeting up with a lovely woman named Jacqueline, an architect I’d been paired up with by the people a Paris Greeters group I’d read about in the New York Times a few months ago. She walked us all over Montparnasse and we got along well enough that she invited me out with some friends this Saturday–though I’ll be in London by then. It was really an entire day of walking that my feet (even in my comfy Josef Siebels) are still recovering from.

Yesterday I had intended to spend the afternoon at the Louvre, but spent so much of the morning walking around that by the time I was done with lunch there wouldn’t be enough time really. It had also started raining at that point, so I spent the afternoon in a cafe near my flat with a book. Not such a bad way to spend time.

I’m not sure what I’m doing today (beyond lunch at L’Atelier Joel Robuchon), I’d considered Versailles this afternoon, but it’s meant to rain all day. And wouldn’t you know it, it feels like all the museums are closed on Tuesdays.