My spreadsheets, let me show you them.

I know it amuses the people who get to experience the edges of my vacations to see how much time and planning I often put into the entire process. For the six months leading up to my vacations, I’ll pour over travel blogs, books, food websites, art websites, gathering all the information I could possibly need for my trip. Putting things into spreadsheets than rank them by cost or activity type.

But I rarely decide what each day’s plan is until that day arrives. Waking up each morning and asking myself, is today a day for art? A train trip into the countryside? What kind of day is today? And because I’m such a nerd for planning, getting out there once I’ve answer that question of, “What do I want to do today?” is extraordinarily simple.

I often wish I had a travel writing partner to flit around the world with, making my living with nerdy research, foreign food, and staring at the colors of a painting I’d only seen in books the day before.