China Mountain Zhang — Maureen F. McHugh

I cannot say how much I really loved this book. You’ve seen me do enough ambivalent reviews here to probably realize how rare that is. The premise boils down to this being a post-communist revolution America, largely overseen by a government in China following a global financial collapse. Sounds rather close to home at this point, no? And this was written in the early 90s no less.

The book largely follows a Chinese/Hispanic American from New York in vignettes of his life and the lives of people he’s involved with both closely and superficially, giving us an overall feeling for life in this near future world.

I suspect a lot of people would find the ending unsatisfying, but I felt it was perfect considering the vignette nature of the book. I have no idea why I’ve never read any of McHugh’s work before and plan on remedying that swiftly.