Kirinyaga — Mike Resnick

I’d technically read at least half this short story collection previously, back in the days when I subscribed to Asimov’s and F&SF regularly. Set on a “utopian” world terraformed for a group of Kikuyu from Kenya who wish to return to pre-European traditions and living conditions.

I love the use of fables here, and the discussion throughout about the corrupting powers of knowledge and the continuing question of how you can create a utopia that truly is utopia for everyone. There are issues here certainly, which can be best boiled down to Resnick’s fetishism of Africa. There’s a rhino in his author picture, for god’s sake.

I’ve always remembered these stories fondly and was happy to discover that during the period of time when I was not reading regularly (aka art school), these were collected together and the narrative was expanded.

Strangely enough, I don’t actually like any of Resnick’s other work in the slightest.