This is a year for cooking at home.

I’ve spent a lot of the last few years eating out, experiencing good food done well, and swearing to myself that I probably couldn’t do as well in my own kitchen. Yes, I’m a fair cook and a better baker, but while I’m passionate about food I tend to cook extremely simply for myself on my own. I think most of you would be surprised by how often I spend an entire week eating nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches or salad.

But I love cooking for people, it’s one of the only things I miss about having a roommate. For the last number of years I’ve made noises about dinner parties or potlucks, and I’ve had my annual cookie party and a cheese party here and there. But having had a few friends over here and there so far this year to just have dinner, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Once I’m back from vacation, and particularly once I’m moved into a new apartment, expect to find me inviting you over for nibbly food more often. Especially in an economy where I can feed a few people at home for the price of feeding myself at a restaurant. And I likely will only demand that you bring the wine in payment.

My parents are coming over on Sunday and I’ll likely be doing a roast chicken with walnuts and pears (it’s still quite a good time for pears at the farmer’s market), perhaps some grilled radicchio and some kind of fruit tart for dessert.