Little Brother – Cory Doctorow

I am very happy that a lot of smart YA is being written now, its lack in the past was certainly what kept driving me to read far above my grade level when growing up. If you provide kids with smart writing and big ideas they will always surprise you.

That said, while I totally understand the gushing over Little Brother, it very much read to me as a mash-up of a piece of short fiction and a collection of essays on cryptology, privacy, hacking, etc. Large chunks of the explanations for technologies used and the theories behind everything snapped me out of the moment more than once. And I think I’ve touched on my issues with near near future books in the past. This book could happen next year, and while that’s very powerful right now, it will lack the timelessness of books like 1984 that it’s paying homage to.

Still, an excellent book that I read very swiftly and certainly enjoyed.