When the world is just beginning it’s day.

I think one of the best times of day to take a walk is in the fairly early morning. The last time I was in London, due to jetlag screwing up my sleep schedule I found myself wandering along Portobello Road just as everyone was setting up for the day, parents (and nannies) were walking children to school in their tidy uniforms, household help was letting themselves into some of those grand Victorian townhomes for their workday.

I thought of this all today as I was experiencing my own little version of it, being out on a walk to the library and post office–having just let my house cleaners into the apartment for the brief hour and a half it takes someone else to do what I can linger over for days of fits and starts with a mop. Restaurants along broadway were just opening up for breakfast and brunch, trucks were still making their morning deliveries, and everyone you meet has that quality of sleepy cheerfulness.

I’m terribly ready for my upcoming vacation, the flat I’m renting in Paris is directly above a small boulangerie, unlike most people I’m probably more excited than I should be about being woken up in the morning by the clatter of a bakery.