Agent to the Stars — John Scalzi

I’ve admittedly only read Scalzi’s Android’s Dream and his blog rather than his popular Old Man’s War series. Largely because I’m usually not a fan of war based sci-fi (though I like the ideas behind the series, so I’ll likely pick it up eventually).

I love Scalzi’s sense of humor, and could definitely hear that thread all through Agent to the Stars. It was definitely a first novel (though published on dead trees after the first OMW book), as what I recall of Android’s Dream was stronger in terms of overall cohesiveness.

The premise here is based on the usual “aliens watch human television broadcasts, aliens come to earth to check things out, hijinks ensue” model, with the new angle being that these aliens decide to hire themselves a Hollywood agent to manage their debut into earthling society.

There are some points where the main protagonist just seems to be floating along and waiting for things to happen–largely through the middle of the book where very little really seems to be going on. Some turns of the plot seemed unnecessary to move the book along well, and it all tied up rather too neatly at the end.

All-in-all though, it was a really fun and quick read, I definitely recommend it.