What a difference a day makes.

It’s interesting, in the last few months as I’ve been trying to spend less and be a bit more practical than I sometimes have tended to be in the past, I find myself increasingly disenfranchised with fine dining. I know, who replaced me with aliens, right?

But seriously, it’s been pretty obvious for the last year that the economy was going south, and obviously food prices have been going up (I put out a tip jar on baking days at work now, truly a sign of things to come). But I still see extravagances in restaurants and even at my beloved Cache that just don’t make sense with the state of things at the moment.

Right now, if you love food, it shouldn’t be about giant portions or exotic ingredients—it should be about practical seasonal foods—which can sometimes be even more fabulous than some of the crazier things you see out there. And the dining experience more than ever should be about combining food and friends.

This is why I still have dreams about the wee rabbit pies I had with last month (though we definitely still overindulged) more than the bacon wrapped bacon that Cache featured on my birthday.