Red — Jordan Summers

As always when these kinds of books end up in my hold queue, when they finally come in to the library for me to read I’m left bemusedly wondering what the original description was somewhere that caused me to add it to my hold queue in the first place.

I’m betting money that in this case there was zero mention of crazy werewolf sex.

Now I’m secure enough in myself as a reader to mention that I’ve read more than my fair share of romance novels, I’m just strange in that I prefer heaving bosoms to stay in the Regency era. Or something. I’ve never really found romance novels with science fiction or paranormal settings terribly appealing, apparently I only like my genre crossover to go so far? I seem to be fairly alone in that (which is fine), to judge from the popularity of paranormal romance, but it does present some problems when I find books with interesting premises that go down a rather different route than I’m expecting.

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a story about a post-war dystopian future that involves vampires, secret government genetics projects, and crazy werewolf sex… this just might be the book for you. I found it, at the very least, generally amusing.