I like to plan.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time can tell you. I’m often happy to go along with spontaneous activities (and more so these days than I might have once), but I love serious planning. Having a plan in place means something to look forward to, lining up all the large details gives me room to imagine the in between times.

And so, I find myself amused that as yet, I only have three firm things bought and paid for in March. My plane ticket, Marillion weekend, and my tickets for Waiting for Godot.

Soon I will also book my flat in Paris, make hostel reservations in London and Brussels, train tickets on the Eurostar for various bits in between, dinner reservations for those hard to get into places in Paris…

…and in those busy times at work, when the stress never seems to end, I can pick out a moment in time four months or so from now, and draw the picture of the moment in my mind.