©ontent: Selected Essays — Cory Doctorow

I think my only real complaint with this collection was that because of its focus and the interests of the author, there was a lot of repetitive content. As a result I rather enjoyed the latter half of the book more, in which he dealt more with futurism. Of course, as a good modern sci fi nerd he felt compelled to bring up the concept of Singularity (aka The Nerd Rapture). Certainly though I recommend it to anyone with an interest in any of the above subjects.

It, and various conversations I’ve had with lately, have also led me to conclude that the publishing industry as a whole is possibly severely broken and needs a bit of revolution. Hopefully Doctorow et al can provide that.

I’m possibly also one of the few people in the world who read the majority of this collection while in a candlelit bubble bath for the better part of a few hours. Hey, it was either this or a book on political language use–who can say which was the better choice?