Quality Eggnog: My Holiday Holy Grail

Once, I would have happily drank gallons of this substance that many people think is rather gross.

“Eggs, you’re drinking actual eggs?”

And while I’m not crazy enough to make my own eggnog, I’m fairly particular about what my eggnog tastes like these days. Most of the commercial non-organic eggnogs are laced with high fructose corn syrup, so that rules them out straight off the bat. Too many stabilizers? Well, that completely ruins the texture of many of them. This season’s varieties tried so far:

Trader Joe’s Premium Eggnog
This one had a great creamy texture without feeling filmy (usually the result of too many stabilizers), but I wasn’t excited by the overall flavor. They made the decision to try and make it taste like it contained the usual brandy or rum, rather than making it a great base for such things to be added to. And that definitely overpowered any of the spices.

Horizon Organic
Because they’re making it “low-fat”, they’re forced to add a lot of guar gum to achieve a creamier texture. Which completely ruins the mouthfeel. Not to mention that the sugar sweet flavor overpowers the spices.

Organic Valley
My favorite so far, I made the poor dairy clerk dig around for it in the back tonight after determining that everything else on the shelf (with the exception of Horizon) was filled with high fructose corn syrup. The OV has a good mouth feel (only using carrageenan for thickening rather than guar gum as well) and is suitably spiced with nutmeg etc.

My old local favorite, Wilcox, is no more—having been gone out of business in the last year (according to the dairy clerk tonight). Which is sad, since they’ve been doing unspeakable things to cows since 1909.

I still need to venture to the co-op and PCC in search of other alternatives, but I do sorely miss the eggnog I bought in glass bottles at Famous Foods in Vancouver.