Well, that was unexpected. And yet…

I went with my foodie coworker Darlene to the bar at the new Four Seasons after work for drinks and snacks. And while I always loved Cascadia, and was interested to see what what Kerry Sear would do in his new swank digs… sadly, his new place, “Art” is too rich for even my foodie blood.

It seems silly to go somewhere like the Four Seasons and complain about price, but as someone who has dropped a few hundred dollars before on just my own personal dinner—I think I have some reasonable expectations for what my upscale food dollar will buy. Was the food I had excellent? Most certainly. But I’m going to sorely miss Cascadia.

Not to mention a complete lack of happy hour menu. Come ON people. I know you’re an upscale restaurant, but in that area to not offer some kind of thing for the after work set is not going to win you more local business.