Bono and a talking cat, how can you go wrong?!

Rachel and I were wandering around Blockbuster in search of offbeat romantic comedy type things to watch for Valentine’s Day (I’d been wanting to see Entropy again in particular—Bono and a talking cat, how can you go wrong?!). We’d found Entropy and were wandering through the DVDs looking for something else to watch when we were stopped by some poor guy getting ready for his Valentine’s evening, “Excuse me, this is a strange question, but do you have any good romantic comedies you could recommend? I can’t think of anything other than Sleepless in Seattle and she’s seen that.” We are, of course, really the wrong people to ask. Our sense of humor too odd, our love of the wacky too refined. We pondered for a bit, couldn’t really think of anything–then Rachel’s eye was caught by So I Married an Axe Murder, arguably one of the best films of all time, we suggested this and he seemed excited by the prospect and went off to find a copy of it in the regular videos.

Though honestly, this also sort of illustrates one of the reasons that I’ve never been terribly fond of the holiday—too many expectations from both parties about this ONE arbitrary day that one MUST show how much you love your partner through one of two ways (or both!): Flowers and Candy. Please. If you need a certain day to be forced to tell someone you care about them—you really ought to examine your relationship.

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