Henckel’s knives are manufactured in Germany of high carbon stainless steel. My set of Henckel’s knives are of their top of the line five star series. Even my lowly serrated tomato knife has a blade that’s made of ice hardened stainless steel. It has a lovely polypropylene handle, designed to fit comfortably in my hand.

It’s not supposed to go into the dishwasher. If it ever, by some freak of nature or twist of fate makes its way there—it is to be immediately removed and the next several days are to be spent telling it what a wonderful sharp and shiny knife it is and that it shall never be made to go to the bad place again. It should certainly never be in the dishwasher when it’s being run.

My poor, poor, poor tomato knife. How shall I ever apoligize to you for letting it happen? She put you in there after cutting a slice of carrot cake and I didn’t see you until it was far far too late. Your lovely handle is no longer as sleek as it was—the comfortable grip has been scoured by detergent on the pot scrubbing cycle. I’ve rescued your siblings before, but for you there was no escape. Shall you never slice that soft fruit as you once did? Even tackling a small bit of bread or sausage occasionally… She shall never touch you again.

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